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Welcome to the 2nd Symposium on the Science of Hepatitis B Cure. It with great pleasure that Professors Peter Revill, Stephen Locarnini and Seng Gee Lim, on behalf of the Singapore Hepatology Conference (SHC), the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) together with the International Coalition to Eliminate Hepatitis B Virus (ICE-HBV) are organising this important symposium.

The Science of HBV cure is a new parallel programme as part of the Singapore Hepatology Conference, which has been successfully running for the last 3 years as the Singapore Hepatitis Conference. This conference draws 400-500 participants and is a partnership with EASL as well as regional liver associations, including the Gastroenterological Society of Singapore, Indonesian Association for Study of Liver, Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Thai Association for Study of the Liver and the Myanmar Association for Study of Liver.

There is gathering interest on the possibility of a cure of Hepatitis B.
But what is meant by a cure?

Current therapies do not seem to be likely to lead to a cure, consequently we need new therapies. However, we also need to understand the mechanism by which a cure can be achieved. Broadly speaking, one approach is immunological, since the virus persists due to an inability of immune clearance, and a second approach is virological. However, a virological approach needs to be much more than just interrupting viral replication since current drugs are able to do this very effectively. Mechanisms of viral persistence such as the viral mini chromosome in the liver nucleus needs to be targeted in order to achieve this goal.
We have put together an excellent panel of international and local speakers who are experts on their subjects to give you a comprehensive update on the Science of Hepatitis B cure. We hope this exciting program will lead to additional collaborations and discussions on how to achieve this objective.

We look forward to your participation in this upcoming symposium!



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